Saturday, February 05, 2011

Thing 4

As with the last "Thing", I used my sister-in-law's birthday as a starting point for a project. It's also why I delayed posting these, since I didn't want any surprises to be spoiled. Anyway, during a recent chat, she mentioned that a birthday cake was always a good thing, and that if one were to happen for her birthday, Funfetti and vanilla frosting would be the best ever. She wasn't asking me for a cake... I was just looking for an excuse to make one!

So, Thing 4 is a birthday cake.

Because it's my husband's birthday tomorrow, it was a shared cake (luckily he was OK with the Funfetti choice), and to prevent any awkwardness about two people trying to blow out candles on the same cake, I also made two cupcakes so each could have a candle to blow out and make a wish on. I just poured batter into two spots in the muffin pan, and baked those before I baked the cake.

It was a yummy Thing.


  1. Thank you for making a cake! It was yummy. Derald and I have had two pieces today and there's one piece left...

  2. Anything for you and Derald, you know that. :)

    Funfetti is what a growing boy needs!