Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY Egg McMuffinish things

We're leaving before the sun even considers coming up tomorrow and won't really have time to think about breakfast before we have to hit the road. I know I'm never happy with just a granola bar, and stopping for fast food breakfast costs money and takes time. So tonight, I took a few minutes and I made a yummy reheatable breakfast for tomorrow!

It's the easiest thing ever - just English Muffins, eggs, ham, and cheese. It's best with nice sharp cheddar, but I only had Kraft singles on hand, which is why you see that unnatural yellow layer in my sandwiches. I fry the eggs, trying very hard to keep them restricted to a small round footprint in the frying pan so they won't flop over the sides of the English muffins later. I assume it's much easier with a silicone egg-ring, but I haven't gotten around to buying one yet since I don't make these often. I sprinkle them with salt and pepper as they cook and then I plop them onto English muffin halves. I added a few ham slices and a slice of cheese, and stuck them into a plastic container in the fridge for tomorrow morning. They only need about 25-30 seconds in the microwave to get melty and delicious.

When I'm making them for immediate eating, I heat up the ham in the pan while the egg cooks beside it, and then layer it on top. I put the cheese on top of that and let it melt a tiny bit before transferring the whole thing to an English muffin. That way everything is melty and delicious without the need for a turn in the microwave.

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